Our Background

We’re all about getting a better deal exclusively for tenants. (We do this so well, we’re in danger of giving real estate agents a good name).

Where many commercial property agents represent landlords with a sideline in tenant representation, we don’t. In fact, we make you – the tenant – our sole priority. It makes us mad that occupiers miss out on the opportunity to access the same money-saving advice that landlords get, just because they’re underserviced by property agents who are more used to increasing property values for their landlord clients than putting tenants’ needs first. There are clear risks in hiring an agent who isn’t looking out for a tenant’s best interests. That’s why we’re here.

We don’t think it’s fair that commercial tenants should be left exposed and in a submissive position simply for the want of independent advice. So we level the playing field. As tenant-only representatives, we’re all about giving businesses of all classes the tools, advice and support they need to negotiate harder, control costs, and get the best long-term outcome from their commercial property.

We don’t think this should be a load of bother. Or costly. Or wrapped up in chicanery and legal tricks. You won’t find anyone here trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. We never take an unreasonable negotiating position just to prove a point.

We believe in a sensible, straight-talking, no-nonsense approach. In our experience, it gets results.

Meet our Directors – Teree Clare and Amanda Falahey

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