I had been looking for a Commercial property to suit our new business needs for about 6 months. I was frustrated at the lack of communications from Commercial Agents not returning calls or showing interest in our search and, in general, being taken seriously . I had previously heard of Amanda and The Tenant Company, so called to set up a meeting to explore options and establish what services are offered that would match our specific needs.

Amanda had access to a network directly to both private landlords and to Commercial Agents that streamlined the search options. The Agents even commented that when a request came from Amanda Anderson who is known in the industry, they knew it was a qualified lead.

Properties were sourced, appointments for viewings made and a short list was established within a short time from engagement of The Tenant Company. Once a property was short listed, Amanda was able to negotiate further the terms of lease and also refer other suppliers required to secure the lease, such as legal advice.
If your time, effort and focus needs to be on your business then working with The Tenant Company for your leasing needs is no different to seeking the expert assistance you would if you needed accounting or legal advice.


I see Amanda as an extension of our business, she is part of our panel of experts that we can call on when and if the need arises, for anything to do with our lease and information in regards to the terms of a commercial property.


Nikki Eyes, Director

Little Ginger


Little Ginger

We were referred to Amanda through our clients as we were looking for training school facilities and wanted a tenant representative who specialised in leasing and site negotiation.

Amanda was very professional throughout the process, and was able to vet site opportunities, speak with landlords, arrange site visits and negotiate on behalf of us. This ensured we saved both time, and money.

Anyone looking to engage the services on Amanda and The Tenant Company, I say – DO IT!

Melanie Gleeson, Founder and CEO

Endota Spa

We needed three new sites and we’re under resourced in this area, both in expertise and capacity.

I knew that engaging the services of Amanda would enhance our ability to find the right properties and get the best incentives and rates, taking the load off us by having an expert who could focus on what we couldn’t.

What stood out about Amanda was that The Tenant Company is her own business, she is fully invested and I knew what service I would receive.  This is much more appealing to me than working with a larger organisation where I may not know the skills of the individual I’m working with.

Amanda knows the market, the process, the options and so much more. Amanda was also able to highlight concerns in the leases that were addressed to our satisfaction, we would not have picked these up without Amanda’s expertise.

It also significantly helped to keep the negotiations between Amanda and the agent rather than directly with us.

Above all, Amanda listened to us, understood our needs, was honest about what she could achieve, and she worked hard to get the best deal.  She persevered over an 18 month period on three properties.

Amanda was absolutely worth it, and I am confident we got the best deals on all three properties.

I will always engage Amanda for all future property needs.

Bryanna Nicholls, Director Finance and Corporate Services


“We sought the assistance of the Tenant Company as our current office was dated and we needed to move to a newer more modern office space. We lacked the time and expertise required to research and find an office suitable to our needs.

Amanda’s initial advice demonstrated her professional knowledge with regards to obtaining a lease for a new premises and the benefits that her services could be for my business.

Amanda researched and shortlisted a variety of properties suiting our needs, arranged for appropriate property inspections, and handled all of the negotiations with the property agents which meant I could focus on my business and didn’t need to spend time dealing with real estate agents and researching properties.

Amanda’s experience and expertise also meant that Amanda was more capable of negotiating terms for a lease that were more favourable to us.  She was able to negotiate terms for our business that meant a lower annual rent payment and additional incentives including a rent free period.

Engaging the services of the Tenant Company has meant that we have been able to lease a new office space – which is more modern than our current office – which will mean that the likelihood of retaining existing staff and attracting future staff has increased.

If we didn’t engage Amanda’s services I don’t think we would have had the time or expertise to make the necessary arrangements and we would have just put the move into the too hard basket.”

Dean Eddy, Director

Lawlor and Loy Victoria Pty Ltd

I recently worked with Amanda and The Tenant Company in re-negotiating a rental agreement for my office space. I would like to say a big thank you to Amanda for all her assistance in ensuring the contract was working in my favour. Having someone who completely understood the terms of the lease was invaluable, and I will have no hesitation in calling on her services again at the end of my current agreement.

Danielle Price – Founder She Will Shine www.shewillshine.com.au

She Will Shine

“Amanda contacted us when she heard we were looking for a kitchen to rent. We needed The Tenant Company’s expertise in not only finding a kitchen to lease, but to take care of all the dealing and negotiations. I could not have achieved such a result without Amanda’s help.

Amanda was such a positive part of this process. I didn’t know I needed her until we started working together. I was lucky in that way, because I didn’t experience any difficulties I otherwise would have if I didn’t have her help. I love that she understood what I needed and really worked for us.

Amanda knew what we wanted and took all the pressure off us. It meant that we could concentrate on the business while she took care of the new premises. Working with her also meant I didn’t have to spend my time on something that was not a strength of mine. Amanda saved me time and stress.

We love our new working home. It is spacious, clean and fitted out with everything we need to go into production. It’s close to home and just feels right. We were also very lucky to pick up some kitchen equipment from the previous tenant at a great price.

Amanda delivered what she promised. She was patient with us as she understood what our needs were. Amanda advised us through the process and assured us when we felt overwhelmed. We are all extremely happy with our experience and I have made a friend in the process.

We never imagined we could find a kitchen that ticked all the boxes and we have. It means that our business can go straight into production smoothly and efficiently.

We found the perfect kitchen and that result for us is priceless!”

Sevi Stolica – Managing Director of Baby Bistro www.babybistro.com.au

Baby Bistro